We supply our lighting to a wide array of clients both commercially and domestically. We work with lighting and interior designers across the UK to advise on designs and supply lighting. We work to a very high standard delivering on time and often working within tight time frames. We have a meticualous attention to detail and a possitive attitude when it comes to difficult designs and projects. Our lighting reflects our passion for what we do and the quality of our fittings often exceeds the clients expectations. Each light we make is hand crafted and individualy checked over to ensure it reflects our high standards.

Our lighting has been used throughout the Marco Pierre restaurants and in the Hilton Hotels. We have worked with the brand for nearly 6 years and have a great relationship with their installers and their design team. 

In 2014 we worked on a Grand Designs project helping with the overall design and supplying products.
Our LED squirrel cage lamps have been used in the Prezzo bars across the UK.
In 2015 our skills were called upon to help set up and light the world-famous Dismaland attraction. A secret art exhibition set up by Banksy and Damian Hurst. We also supplied lighting to the hotel which they set up in Palestine in late 2016.
In 2017 we worked with Morgan cars. They asked us to build a bespoke light to be sold at a charity auction at their annual gala dinner. Using a selection of old Morgan car parts we designed and built a transformers inspired light. The finished light stood at nearly 7ft tall and nearly all of the body and head had to be custom made by hand. We used original lights from the car and a selection of LEDs to light the sculpture.
Our genuine vintage lighting has also been featured in the Financial Times magazine “ how to spend it” our restored Mole Richardson film set lights featured in the article and they interviewed me and our workshop team to find out about our clients and how we work.
We have restored various lights for local and national coffee shops such as Boston Tea Party and the Lounge bars. They rely on us to restore old vintage lighting to a safe and high standard. Our workshop has taken on a wide array of restorations from old street lights to submarine bulkheads. Each one posses a new challenge and fitting new lampholders and cable whilst retaining the charector of the piece is something we pride ourselves on.
Domestically we have worked with clients all over the UK. Many housebuilders building their dream home call on us for our design expertise. With a background of electrical wholesale and having worked on site, I work well with everyone involved. If you are building a house we would be happy to work with you and offer our services. Please contact me to discuss this.