We offer a bespoke design and build service.

All our bespoke lighting is made by hand in our UK workshop. Our lighting workshop is in Bristol and we pride ourselves on buying and making everything in the UK. Our workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Amongst our workshop team we have a carpenter, a stone mason, a qualified electrician and an iron monger. We can take our hand to almost anything and we have a very practical approach to the way we work. Over the years we have worked on a wide array of bespoke lights. Including stage props, lighting an olympic tourch display and we even designed and built a transofrmers inspired sculpture using genuine Morgan car parts. We always deliver on time and often the finished lighting exceeds the clients expectations.

Should you want a bespoke handmade light we can help and we are happy to offer design ideas and then build you a light in our workshop. We specialise in industrial and vintage inspired lighting. To discuss this further please call or email me and we can discuss your requirements and the costs involved.

info@fraserbesantlighting.co.uk   0117 9922977