Lighting Design Service

As well as making lighting I also offer a lighting design service. I own a large lighting showroom in Bristol and buy and sell a large range of lighting from suppliers all over the world. With a choice of over 15,000 lights, the introduction of LED technology and the growing interest in home automation I concluded that offering a design service would be helpful and ensure people get the best out of their lighting.

Understanding the effects lighting can have on a space and the best way to enhance a space using light is a skill set that has taken over a decade to perfect. I have been privileged to work alongside some top interior designers and have afforded design ideas to some very respectful clientele over the years. I mainly work on domestic projects and have a very meticulous approach to the way I work and the designs I put together. The first stage of a design is a showroom meeting. I like to bring you into my showroom so I can help you see what’s available and explain the various styles and the functions different lights will have in a design. I am open minded with every new client as no two houses are the same and people have different ideas and visions of what they would like their dream home to look like. So many questions are asked so I am sure I have a handle on the style and basis of the design. I will then begin to form the draft design and will show you the lighting I want to use for both the primary and secondary circuits. My showroom is laid out in a way that will help you understand the concept and the function. I have taken careful consideration in the products I showcase and the settings I have used to accent the light. After a showroom visit I can then draft a mood board and lighting design onto your architects plans. I have over 11 years of designs all catalogued, so I can begin to bring you examples of similar projects I have worked on. This is valuable for clients as they can begin to see real life working designs and offer any input they have. 

To schedule a consultation with me in my Bristol lighting showroom or to discuss a design please give me a call or fill in the contact form and I will contact you.